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Pet Resort Activities & Fun

The dogs at Ruff House Pet Resort play in groups and have fun during the day. Day Care is included as part of the Ruff House Pet Resort experience! We offer additional activities, specific to your dog, that can be scheduled during your stay. You should never feel guilty about leaving your dog with us and we’ll make sure you have a tired and happy dog when you return.

Individual Play-time

  • $8 Individual Play-time

Individual play-time is the best way for your dog to engage in specific exercise that is geared for his activity level. This is a great way for dogs to exercise that are not part of group play. We have swimming pools, Frisbee, and ball-time. All activities will bring fun and challenge to your dog. Structured exercise is proven to be one of the best forms of mental stimulation!

Private Walk or Treadmill Time

  • $8 Private Walk

Some dogs need additional exercise especially if they are hyper or have nervous energy. A private walk or treadmill time is a nice way to get structured physical exercise while still providing mental stimulation. Walks are done outdoors, usually before 12pm. These Activities are ideal for guests that are not eligible for group play.

Ice Cream Treat

  • $3 Doggie Ice Cream

We provide natural, delicious and nutritious frozen ice cream cups for dogs. Ice cream cups are Vanilla or Peanut Butter and ideal for hot days. They are a special reward that the dogs look forward to during their stay. Ice Cream and treats are given only upon request and are enjoyed in a private area away from groups.

Splash Zone and Pool Pass

  • $5 Pool Pass

We have a full size built-in swimming pool complete with deck jets, a sunbathing deck, cabanas and grass for lounging in the sun. Pool Pass includes 45 minutes of swim time with up to 10 dogs of similar size and activity level. We have Life Guards on duty monitoring dogs at all times for safety and health concerns. This is one of the most unique and fun activities you can add to your day care day or boarding stay!

Bed-time Belly Rubs

  • $4 Bedtime Belly Rub

Belly Rubs are one of our most popular Activities. After dinner your dog will enjoy some relaxing one-on-one time getting belly rubs and lots of love. This is a great way to wind down from a long day in the play yard and receive the special attention that your dog deserves. Belly rubs help ensure a restful nights’ sleep while away from home!

Goodnight Bones

  • $4 Goodnight Bone

What a great way to keep your dog busy and stress free while in their kennel or suite. Knuckle Bones or Nylabones are given to the dogs during nap-time and evenings. Some dogs are anxious and they want something to do or something to chew on. The bones help to keep them from barking and help them wind down for a good nights sleep.