Ruff House Pet Resort

Employment Opportunities

The employees at Ruff House Pet Resort play an important role in the care that we provide to our customers and their dogs. We have a large staff of part-time and full-time employees and it takes a group effort to accomplish our customer service expectations and goals. Providing a happy, clean, safe, and fun environment for the dogs is our priority.3035 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 588-1200 [email protected]

*All jobs at Ruff House Pet Resort require candidates to be a minimum age of 18 years and have prior work experience.

Please email your resume in M Word or pdf to [email protected]

Employment Application Download Here

PACK LEADER (part-time)

Responsible for a taking care of several dogs during group play. Must be able to maintain a safe and controlled play environment with 15+ dogs off leash. Requires dog handling skills, reading body language and behavior assessment. Must record daily behavior and health notes and make decisions about dog groupings and play style assessments. Involves dog walking, bathing, cleaning, performing health checks, and the overall ability to provide a fun and safe environment for group play. This job is physical and requires 4+ hours of standing as well as the ability to lift 40+ lbs.


This position requires a person to work 6:30am-6:30pm for 4 days a week. Responsible for making reservations, conducting customer tours, completing check-ins and check-outs for boarding and day care, answering phone inquiries, and reconciling invoices. Must be able to multi-task and use your customer service skills and knowledge. Dog knowledge and handling experience a plus. Requires 3+ years of office experience, strong written and verbal skills, and computer experience.

DOG TRAINER (part-time)

Responsible for handling customer consultations and phone inquiries. Teaching dog training classes, one-on-one private lessons, and board & train services. Must be able to work with all types of dog breeds and personalities. Strong customer service skills and dog behavior knowledge. Positive reinforcement methods used while managing a balanced training plan specific for each dog. Requires 3+ years of hands on dog training experience, strong written and verbal skills, and comparable education and certifications.