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Dog Boarding

Dog boarding 7 days a week. 

Ruff House Pet Resort is set up as a social environment for dogs with group play and enrichment activities offered during boarding


Suites are private rooms designed with full size glass door, raised beds, and bowl holders for food and water. Large enough for multiple dogs from the same family. This is a good alternative for dogs that need extra breaks from play or older dogs that are less active. 

Dogs are in suites for breaks, naptime and at night while sleeping.


Kennels are smaller than suites but they are good for dogs that are trained in kennels or crates at home. They are for breaks, naptime and sleeping overnight.

Dogs do not share kennels and will always have their own private kennel with food, water and blankets.

Group Play & Activities

Most dogs enjoy socializing in groups. Dogs approved for Daycare (group play) will attend during the day while they board. They are grouped by size and temperament in separate play areas.

Additional activities; private play, pool time, fitness days, games, puzzle toys, fetch, private walks, ice cream or belly rubs can be scheduled for an additional fee.

If your dog needs a break they can choose to lay on the beds provided in the play yard or can be moved into their overnight sleeping area. It is common for dogs to get breaks throughout the day and go in and out of the play groups.

Each dog has a unique temperament which is why we require a “meet and greet” at the time of registration. During this time we check play style, health, ability to listen to staff, walk on leash, and play safely with other dogs.

Schedule Your Meet & Greet

We require a meet & greet for all new customers.

If you are not a regular of daycare or your dog is not social then

you may not pass the initial evaluation. 

We usually recommend a 3 day trial or the private play option.

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