Ruff House Pet Resort

Dog Boarding

We offer dog boarding 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Ruff House Pet Resort is set up as a social environment with group and enrichment activities included during boarding.

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Suites and Kennels

  • Suites are private rooms designed with full size glass door, raised beds blankets, and holders for food and water. Large enough for multiple dogs from the same family.
  • Kennels are a little smaller than suites but still provide more space, a raised bed and a safe and secure sleeping space at night.
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  • Crates are typically reserved for dogs that are crate trained at home and are attending day care and group play during the day
  • Private and provide a cozy sleeping area for a restful nights sleep.
  • Dogs from same family will be arranged side by side and can play together during the day or go for walks together as requested.

Day Care and Activities

Most dogs enjoy socializing in groups. Dogs approved for Day Care (group play) will attend during the day. They are grouped by size and temperament and will have plenty to do.

Activities and private play include pool time, ball, frisbee, treadmill, or tug of war. 

If your dog needs a break or rest time they can choose to lay on the beds provided in the play area or can be moved into their over night sleeping area for a nap.

Each guest is unique in his temperament so we require a “meet and greet” at the time of registration. If guests are not suitable for day care/group play we have private play-time options available for your convenience.

Day Training and Brush Up Lessons

This training is a convenient and inexpensive way to teach your dog a new behavior or correct a bad habit. You can add day training sessions or brush up lessons to your boarding stay. Manners, leash walking, socialization, no barking, stay, down, or recall are some of the most common requests. Upon drop-off simply fill out the day training form and we’ll schedule sessions with a trainer . At pick-up you will receive a written recap and progress report for your records.

Board & Train

Need training? Turn your boarding stay into a Board and Train. Perfect for when you are traveling and taking longer trips.