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Day Care for Dogs and Puppies

Dog Day Care is an excellent way for dogs to learn social skills, exercise with structure, learn group manners, and to burn off excess energy. Puppy Day Care, for 4-6 month olds, is offered at a discounted rate by purchasing a puppy pass. Dogs are grouped by size, age and temperament into play yards. They interact in a controlled and safe environment helping to reduce the risk of injury.

We offer day care 7 days a week, for up to 12 hours per day. Once you are a registered customer you will have the convenience of dropping into dog day care without a reservation. A tired dog is a good dog!

Group Play

Dogs are separated into play groups based on their size, age, temperament and play style. Ruff House has several play yards with indoor and outdoor space, *pools, play equipment and toys. This allows us to provides a safe and fun environment. Dogs play during the day and are supervised by Pack Leaders. They take an afternoon nap and breaks as needed. If it is raining or hot we have indoor yards where guests are protected from the weather. Web cameras let you observe the fun throughout the day so please look online at our live web cameras.

Tustin (949) 559-4200
Riverside (951) 588-1200

Day Training

This training is a convenient and inexpensive way to teach your dog a new behavior or correct a bad habit. You can add day training sessions or brush up lessons to your boarding stay. Manners, leash walking, socialization, no barking, stay, down, or recall are some of the most common requests. Upon drop-off simply fill out the day training form and we’ll schedule sessions with a trainer. At pick-up you will receive a written recap and progress report for your records.

Meet and Greet

We require that all our guests come in for a “meet and greet” and registration process, before attending day care and participating in group play. We evaluate dogs for sociability with people and other dogs on leash and off leash, as well as health, vaccines, and overall safety.

If your dog is not suitable for group play, or you choose not to participate, we have rooms for resting and private exercise yards available for dogs.

 *Please review the details under Requirements and Registration page.

Day Care Rates

  • $35 Full day (20% discount for 2nd dog from same family)

  • $25 Full day (Puppy Pass Only)
  • $18 Half day (morning session or afternoon session)

Day Care Rate INCLUDES

  • Group Play and Socialization throughout the day
  • Live Web Cameras, 24 Hour Access
  • Supervised Exercise in groups
  • One-on-one interaction from our staff

Day Care Passes

  • $315 10 Day Pass (passes expire after 90 days)

  • $125 5 Day Puppy Pass (expires at 6 months of age)

  • $475 Unlimited Monthly Pass

Day Care Discounts & Specials

  • NEW CUSTOMERS – Day Care Package-3 days $50 (*for residents within 50 miles)
  • 10% Discount for Students
  • 10% Discount for Seniors (65+ years)
  • 10% Discount for Military
  • FREE Boarding night or Day Care day when you refer a friend