Frequently Asked Questions

Both pet resorts are very nice and will provide excellent service and care for your dogs. The prices are the same and registered customers can stay at either location. Both locations have suites, kennels, and crates for boarding.
There are a few differences between the two locations. Our Tustin location is all indoors and has 24 hour emergency Veterinary Services in our complex. Our Riverside location is very large, and has indoor and outdoor play yards as well as a built-in swimming pool.

Please review locations  Riverside or Tustin for an overview and virtual tour

We provide everything our guests need for a comfortable stay. We have beds, blankets, bowls for food and water. We don’t accept customer beds, blankets, or toys and we ask that you keep all your dogs personal belongings at home. Leashes and collars will be stored in a cubby and labeled with your dogs name.
You can decide. We offer “house” food at NO charge. House food is a grain free Lamb and Rice Formula.
Please bring the amount of food your dog will need, stored in an airtight container or zip lock plastic bag, marked with first and last name and the serving size. We are unable to store large open bags of food.
*If your food needs to be refrigerated or heated, we can do both. If your dog requires a special diet, we will follow your instructions.
We are proud of our pet resorts and offer tours, by appointment, 7 days a week. You can also take a tour by clicking on the Virtual Tour menu from the Locations page. Please call to schedule an available appointment.

  • (949) 559-4200 – 3065 Edinger Ave Tustin CA 92780
  • (951) 588-1200 – 3035 Chicago Ave Riverside CA 92507
We have some breed restrictions. We are no longer able to accept Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or American Bull Dogs. A “meet and greet” is required, for ALL dogs, regardless of breed. We will assess your dogs play style, health and temperament then choose which play group is most appropriate. If your dog shows fear or aggression towards people or other dogs he probably will not pass the temperament test .
Dogs are grouped into 2 or 3 different play yards according to their size, temperament and activity level. We have a play group for small dogs, for highly active dogs, and for less active or older dogs. If a guest is not comfortable in their group or they are shy, we may move them to a more appropriate group or provide several breaks. If they play too rough, we will remove them from group play so that we can provide a safe environment and enjoyable experience for the other dogs.
Ruff House Pet Resort is designed as a social resort for active dogs. We understand that not all dogs are suited for group play so we do offer private walks, individual play and other amenities for dogs that need limited play.

Vaccination services available as needed however we always recommend getting required vaccinations at your primary veterinarian 2 weeks before your stay with us.

24 hour Emergency Veterinary Services

  • Tustin- Several Veterinary Specialists open 24 hours and available in our building complex
  • Riverside- Emergency Veterinary Hospital open 24 hours and available 4 miles away 
Ruff House Pet Resort has crates, kennels, and suites for sleeping.  The buildings for sleeping are temperature controlled with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Dogs spend a minimal amount of time in their crate, kennel or suite. They are designed for eating, relaxing and sleeping in the evenings.
Suites include a raised bed for sleeping, blankets, food and water bowls.
Dogs are required to be spayed/neutered, if over 1 year old, to stay at Ruff House Pet Resort. We are set up for group play and activities in a social setting. Depending on age, breed, temperament, and available space we may be able to board dogs over 1 year of age that are not spayed or neutered.
*We do not accept females in heat. If your dog goes into heat, during her stay, we will contact you to pick up immediately.
It is important that we take precautions to keep our customer dogs free from sickness. Our 6 month policy is consistent with boarding industry best practices and is a standard we keep consistent. Your veterinarian may schedule the Bordetella vaccine yearly, however it is required every 6 months for all dogs staying at Ruff House Pet Resort.
*Ruff House Pet Resort has hundreds of dogs checking in and out each week and the number of dogs contracting kennel cough is less than 1%.
Our cleaning practices, health checks, and vaccine policy ensures a healthy environment for all our guests.
Ruff House Pet Resort is designed for dogs. Our staff is trained in dog behavior, health, and temperament specific to dogs. We recommend a pet sitter for cats or a veterinary hospital that offers that service.

  • Tustin We are next door to T.H.E. Cat Hospital and we highly recommend them for your feline needs. You can park in front and drop your dog with us and your cat with them.
We will administer medication. Please bring your medication in the original bottle, labeled with the medication name, dogs name, and the exact instructions for when and how much medicine to give. Please contact us to discuss your specific medication needs as we may recommend boarding with a Veterinarian as an alternative.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We do not give insulin or injectable medications.
Ruff House Lab Puppy