Ruff House Pet Resort

Day Care Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a daily interactive training and day care program. Your dog completes 4 days of day care weekly for 3 consecutive weeks and is taught daily lessons. This is a great way to keep your dog busy during the day and you can practice at home each night and on weekends. 

This program builds a consistent training foundation through daily lessons with a trainer and lets owners practice at home. You can see the progress as you go. 

Dogs are conditioned daily to social distractions in a safe environment. We have all the tools necessary to shape the behaviors and transition your dogs newly taught behaviors to your home. We provide a weekly progress report and a final check out lesson upon completion of the training 

Puppy Boot Camp

Puppy Boot Camp is geared for socialization and basic obedience with puppies 4-6 months old. Puppies learn about new sights, sounds, people and how to socialize with different dogs. We include lots of breaks in between training and let puppies rest as needed.

This program builds a solid foundation during the puppies critical growing periods. We shape behaviors that will be important as your dog grows and is exposed to the outside world. 

We will provide the lesson plan for owners to follow through and keep up with the training at home. 

Boot Camp

Boot Camp for dogs is a Day Care and Train program for dogs over 6 months. It is the ideal way to get refocused on a daily routine of obedience training, manners, and dog socialization.  We’ll spend 3 consecutive weeks training your dog and developing social skills and basic obedience.

Structured lessons are reinforced during training including leash walking, waiting at doors, no jumping, and obedience commands including down, stay and wait.

You will receive weekly progress reports and a check out lesson at the end.