Ruff House Pet Resort

Book a Meet & Greet

    For NEW customers, we require an appointment for a meet & greet.

    Check all that apply, to make sure your dog meets our requirements.

    Proof of current vaccinations from a veterinarian or vaccine clinic.

    Bordetella (required every 6 months)DA2PP (1 year or 3 year is acceptable)Rabies (1 year or 3 year is acceptable)

    Please check all the additional requirements below:

    My dog is more than 4 months old but not over 15 years old

    I understand that my dog must be spayed/neutered, by 1 year old, to stay at Ruff House Pet Resort

    My dog is not one of the following breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Staffordshire Terrier

    My dog is in good health, friendly with people, and not aggressive toward other dogs

    I agree to bring my dog on a leash; and acknowledge that carrying dogs is not allowed by our staff

    My dog is free from fleas and ticks, and is current on preventative medicine

    Please provide your contact details so we can schedule your appointment: