You Won’t Feel Guilty About Leaving Your Dog With Us!

Ruff House Pet Resort offers full service Boarding, Day Care, Training and Spa Services. Since opening in 2006 we’ve built a strong reputation in the pet industry and have loyal customers from all over Southern California. Our locations in Tustin and Riverside provide customized services, a variety of sleeping options and unique amenities designed to fit your dogs lifestyle and interests.

Pricing is “all inclusive” meaning that you don’t pay extra for daily group play during day care or while boarding. Guests can choose to play, make friends with the staff, or nap on the beds while in the play rooms. We have plenty of overnight sleeping accommodations including kennels, crates, and suites that are clean and comfortable for any size dog, and big enough for multiple dog families.

International Boarding Pet Services Association

Ruff House Pet Resort has indoor and outdoor play areas with Pack Leaders supervising play groups at all times. We have multiple play areas for any size dog to enjoy; small dog yard, large dog yard, built-in swimming pool and splash zone. You may choose additional activities or exercises such as belly rubs, treadmill, private swim lessons or outside walks during your stay.

If you need help with training we provide several training programs.

  • Private Lessons at home
  • Group Classes at our Riverside Training Center
  • Board and Train in either of our locations

Attention New Customers:
Please follow these steps before calling to make a reservation

Once you are a registered customer it’s easy to schedule services and make reservations.
We give priority to existing customers and do everything we can to accommodate your specific needs.
Our Live Web Cameras, provide peace of mind, and are accessible 24 hours a day! You can access the cameras through our website or mobile app and enjoy your dog from home, work or vacation!

We have 2 pet resort locations. View details here  Riverside or Tustin